Erotic Travel Tales

We Donít Take A Trip; A Trip Takes Us

As a black Americans itís easy to forget that we are world travelers. We didnít start in America. We started far from it. Our ancestors come from all over Europe, Egypt, the Middle East, Asia, South America, The Caribbean and Africa. We are children of the world and the world can teach us about each other and ourselves. America is not the world, and we are not only American. There are as many different types of black people as there are countries in Africa where we originated.

If youíve never left the country, or barely left the neighborhood where you were born and grew up in. I urge you, get out of town. Hell, get out of the country. Travel allows you to meet other peoples and to put yourself and your world in perspective. Youíll come back with a better understanding of who you are and your place in the world. Travel gives you unimpeded access to other, cultures, food, books, viewpoints. You can hear, firsthand how the rest of the world feels about your country. And you can experience how other cultures, cities and societies function. When you explore other continents, cultures and peoples youíll meet French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Scandinavian, Asian and British blacks, youíll see how they live and youíll be able to reference yourself against them.

Iíve been traveling since very young, first from the island of my birth then across America and later to Europe. At this point itís probably easier to say where I havenít been then where I have. Before I leave half my suitcase is taken up by books, notebooks and maps. When I get back home Iíll have even more. I send postcards to myself from every place Iíve been. As soon as I am on the ground I buy a batch of cards and write a note about whatís happened to that point. When I get home and recover from jet lag and bad airplane food, Iíll reach into my stash of postcards and can relive my entire trip.

This is what has allowed me to remember, in almost exact detail the countries and cities Iíve explored, the foods Iíve eaten, and the people Iíve met. Beyond anything else, one of the most important reasons to travel is to meet people and explore other cultures. You might surprise yourself and meet one of the loves of your life, like I did in Amsterdam.

What to find out Wanderlust! You'll be glad you did.


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